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Get your favorite 2022 African American Inspirational Weekly Planner!  We offer a unique collection of African American inspirational weekly planners  featuring genuine Black Art by  Cidne Wallace, Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen, and Kiwi McDowell.  Each artist offers two planners with different Black Art images and the same original content inside.  Cidne Wallace’s weekly planners include activities to connect with your sister circle, to look within for self-love, and Black History facts on other iconic trailblazers.  Gbaby’s weekly planner includes colorful recipes, motivational affirmations and coloring pages.  Kiwi McDowell’s weekly planner includes AffHERmation pages, goal setting and sassy graphics. All of the weekly planners are designed to uplift and inspire your year and help you to live your best life ever.

Use our 2022 African American Inspirational Weekly Planner to better manage your schedule, to log in your food intake and exercise, and to keep yourself on track.  Organize and inspire your life!