Pink Sistas Pill Box

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Pink Sistas Pill Box


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From famed African American artist, Kiwi McDowell, Shades of Color’s Pink Sistas Pill Box is a compact and convenient, light weight organizer for small pills and medicine. Pink Sistas Pill Boxes provide security, comfort, and support for people everywhere with a secure button closure. Our Pink Sistas Pill Box is a rose gold colored metal allow, that is both fashionable and durable! Featured in our Inspired by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Pink & Green Collection!

Shades of color prides ourselves on providing pill boxes that have an easy push open button, with a flip top and Epoxy dome. Our pill boxes are Afrocentric created with genuine black art, are extremely colorful, and are great for protecting your medicine during travel or on the go!

Be stylish and protective of medicine or valuable small earrings, which also fit nicely in our pill boxes. Muli-purposed use!

Choose from a variety of artistic creations that will inspire you as well as serve as a great gift. Carry your medicine in your purse, toiletry bag, luggage, desk, glove compartment or home without having to search for or store large bottles. Our innovative, decorative, one-of-a-kind African American Art pill box is hinged with a tight closure! Pill boxes are size: 2.23 x 1.77 x 0.66 H, 2 partitions each 0.90 x 1.28 x 0.30 depth.





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