Tribute Large Cloth Journal

Tribute Large Cloth Journals


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 One of the best accessories a woman can have is a Tribute Large Cloth Journal ! Our unique Shades of Color African American Journals are a unique Black Gift item available in Large & Small! Tribute Large Cloth Journal comes in an attractive spiral bound format with 140 lined pages to store memories and daily affirmations. Each page comes with an inspirational quote! Small Journals are perfect bound with 144 lines pages. Both sizes include a pocket for storage, ribbon bookmark and elastic closure. Inspirational cover art work by Black Artists Annie Lee, Kerream Jones and Cidne Wallace. African American Gift Journals make for a perfect gift befitting all occasions whether it be for students, friends, colleagues or a birthday bash! Our large cloth journals last long periods of time,  and are super original. Unlike many flimsy large journals, ours are very durable, lightweight, and economy friendly. Upgrade your writing without breaking your budget. Stay blessed with our journals, all while preparing to bless others from day to day! Journals are one of our specialities, and we take pride in making writing literature more pleasurable. Designer writing journal with soft cloth cover. Size 5.375 x 8.375 • 160 lined pages• Bible scriptures on every page Ribbon Bookmark.

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Dimensions 5.375 x 8.375 in


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