Thank you your interest in hosting a Shades of Color Party with a Purpose.  Here you can have a little more fun while selling inspirational African American Gifts!


There are many ways to host a party, however here are some key tips:

— Set Your Goal

If you get people to attend your party it’s because they love you and want to support you. Let them know if there is a certain dollar amount you are trying to hit… for the party? For your overall campaign? Are you raising money for something in particular? Everyone loves a story – be sure to share yours!


— Set A Theme

Yes, the main theme of the party is to sell Shades of Color products, however, choosing an additional theme (i.e. 80s -90s party, holiday events, birthdays, etc.) with complimentary decorations will set the ambiance, and will entice more customers to buy! You can keep it as simple or elaborate as you like. The main goal is to make it fun and less like a “sales” event.


— Light Refreshments

We don’t want you to eat into your profits, but we do recommend really making an effort for a fun atmosphere. Music. Light bites and drinks. Maybe ask guests to bring one item and they get a raffle ticket for a free gift! Keep it affordable, but the effort will make them want to spend more!


—Pitch To Customers Beforehand & Seal The Deal at The Party

Hosting parties take work, and you may not be able to run down the specifics of every item at the drop of the hat while at the party. Pitching to customers who you plan to invite to your party beforehand allows you to prepare your customers and actively hype each product that will be available for purchase at your party. By doing this, customers can visualize our products, get acquainted with our brand, and determine if they would be interested in purchasing before attending your party. This helps weed out those who most likely won’t buy and those who will. Highlight some of your favorite products. Send a link to the catalog. Let them do their homework and maybe even expand their orders by talking to family members!

Invite Potential Customers NOT Potential Viewers: It is okay for people to browse through the Shades of Color catalog and inquire more information before making a purchase, however, your goal as a host is to CLOSE the deal. It is much easier to get a purchase when you have party-goers who are interested in purchasing particular products, opposed to party people who are just coming to party and look around.


— Offer Rewards and Games!

To keep a party atmosphere going we highly recommend games with small gifts or coupons as rewards. Pull some trivia questions. Reward top sellers. Reward for certain items that are either higher priced or aren’t selling as well. Even a magnet or bookmark make a difference — and if you add them to your order you get 40% off! Offer $2, $5 or a percentage off their order. You can also incorporate a raffle— a ticket for a game or even better for every item they purchase. Get creative and make it engaging!


— Thank You Cards

We recommend ordering extra holiday cards, thank you cards or blank cards to personally thank everyone who attends your party. It shows them you appreciate them supporting you, gives an extra touch, AND again it is showing off a product that they may want to buy from you!


— It’s In the Details!

We recommend investing again just a little bit into making your gifts look good! Stop by a dollar store and pick up some gift bags, tissue paper and bows. It will add a wow factor that make your customers feel special. You can also order our ECO Shopping bags as a functional bag.  Several are included for free in the large sellers kit!


— Have Products Available To Show and Sell!

Some people may buy more if they can leave with it that day. It’s more of a risk, but you may want to place an order in advance with products that you know will sell to have an inventory vs having to follow up with your customer later. This also works to have samples. If you don’t want to invest in a pre-order you can still get a sample kit. We have two sizes — again having products at your party almost always results in more sales!!


— Know Your Product & Be Excited!

Post and promote on social media! Take photos and video of the products. Share our photos. The more you promote the party, the more chance you will have at acquiring new potential customers! Even if you create a small Group this still captures your close friends, and ups the excitement even with people who can’t make it.


— Follow Up

Be sure to thank your attendees for coming to your party and supporting. Send a follow-up note. Send an email that photos to highlighted products and let them know that they can still purchase from you even though the party is over.

You can also thank attendees / share photos of the party on social media too after the party as a follow up.  This will show those who didn’t attend what they missed so they will be sure to make the next one!  Use #PartyInColor so that we can find and celebrate you too!!


Most of all HAVE FUN!


Best Regards,

Shades of Color Fundraising