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Raise money all year round for your group, church, school, sorority, family or by yourself with our African American Fundraising Tools.  Our Fundraising program has helped groups and individuals nationwide make money for additional resources.  Our African American Fundraising Tools are an optional way to increase your profits!

Our African American Fundraising Tools include catalogs, sample products and/or business representative cards.  You or your group can purchase our small starter kit, large starter kit, or a pack of 10 or 20 fundraising catalogs based on your budget. Our large starter kit is a top seller as it includes approximately 20 samples of our top selling African American products.  Once your customers see the high quality of the products that you are selling – they will buy more from you!

  • Party Invitations

  • Representative Business Cards

    SKU: RBC
  • Fundraising Catalogs – 20

    SKU: CAT20
  • Fundraising Catalogs – 10

    SKU: CAT10
  • Representatives Sampler Kit for African American Fundraising – Large

    SKU: STK3
  • STK1 – African American Fundraising Starter Kit

    SKU: STK1