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Make Money This Spring & Summer!!

Sell Inspiring Gifts That Honor & Celebrate The Culture!!

Our second largest selling season is for Spring! Get started now and turn your passion for Shades of Color products into profits!!

Looking For Extra Income?

You are in the right place!! Our world class program offers a 40% profit for anyone or family or group looking for an additional income stream. All you need is a passion for the products and you can turn that passion into profits!!

The best way to sell our products is to show your connection to them. Let your customers know your Why: Why did you partner with Shades of Color? Why do these items resonate with you? Why should your customers purchase from you? Sharing your story and how our collection makes you feel will inspire both you and your customers!

Get Started With Catalogs

Click below to request up to 3 catalogs for free to get started. If you need more than that just let us know! You can also purchase Catalog Kits and Starter Kits that have product samples. This allows you to showcase the quality of the items – either in person or an online demo. We have no upfront costs to participate but a kit has been proven to boost sales.

Our Spring Catalog Is Now Shipping!



Digital Catalogs & Links

In addition to our physical catalogs, we highly recommend GOING DIGITAL and sending out a link to our Digital Catalog & Featured Product Brochures. Just click on the images below and copy the link. Send via text, email or post to social media. These will increase your reach of who can see what you sell, and in the end increase your sales.

Going LIVE is also a proven method to increase sales. Every time you post or Go LIVE you should include a link to the catalog.

We have OVER 300 inspiring items that uplift and celebrate Black Culture. Spread joy & pride with every product that you sell. Feel good about the positive impact you will have on your customers, as well as creating an additional income stream as part of a positive community!

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Fundraising Catalog

Ready To Place Your Order?

Great! First step is to fill out your Consolidation Order Form (#2). To place your order online, log in to your online account. Once you are logged in you will see your reduced prices. If you see full pricing you likely don’t have an online account and can create one. You may also fill out your Consolidation Order Form and email it in with your credit card information. Lastly, you may read your form off via phone with a credit card payment. If you do choose to mail it in with a money order, please send it with tracking. Closer to a major holiday (Christmas, Mother’s Day) you must use expedited shipping to mail in your order if you want items back before a specific date.


When Will I Get My Order?

Your order will take up to 2 weeks to arrive, provided there are no additional delays with the mail carriers or weather delays. Again we stress ordering as early as possible. Once your order arrives you can then make arrangements to distribute to your customers.

Additional Tips In Placing Your Order

As long as your order has a minimum subtotal of $200 – YES! Congratulations, you did it, your order qualifies!! Let’s break that down… You need to sell at least $340 worth of merchandise at the retail price. You then KEEP $140 as your 40% profit, and we only charge you the $200 (60% rate) plus shipping. That’s for the first order of the season. For all re-orders your order minimum is just $100, allowing for additional add-on customers. We have two seasons: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.

If your cart ends up showing you retail prices – don’t worry – that just means you haven’t reached the $200 order minimum requirement. Once you add enough items to your cart the prices will then change to the 40% off rate.

If you are placing a re-order that is under $200, you must place that offline. All online orders need to be at least $200 otherwise you will see retail pricing.

There Is NO Risk – Try It Out!

We specialize in Black Gifts and offer a WORLD CLASS African American Fundraising Program. There are NO upfront costs — NO RISKS! If you are on the fence — give us a try – for FREE! Sign Up Today!

No matter if you are a pro or just getting started, Shades of Color has your back! If you have any questions on how to improve sales or how the program works please don’t hesitate to reach out. You will find our products speak for themselves and with some exposure and enthusiasm you will find our fundraising program is rewarding both financially and emotionally. You will feel good about the inspiring gifts that you sell which support small black business, black artists, and empower communities!

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Shades of Color, LLC specializes in African American Fundraising with over 28 year experience in the gift, calendar and home decor markets.  We have created a collection of gift items with a voice.  With that voice our products uplift and inspire with a variety of styles for all. We invite you to sell these items and help sell gifts full PRIDE and JOY!

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Teams of 1 – 100 can participate in our fundraiser. All you need is a goal and a dream to have an additional source of income.  Sell alone, start a team, raise money for a family reunion, do with your church or sorority chapter, do with a school, girl scout troupe or cheerleading squad, or raise money for a non-profit charity.

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When you are ready to begin all you need is either 1.) A Physical Catalog or 2.) A Link To Our Digital Catalog.  These and other tools below will help you share the products with your customers to get orders. Collect the orders & the money upfront. Submit your order. Distribute the products.

There are no upfront costs and you KEEP 40% of the profits on each item sold! All of our high quality Black gifts are created with genuine African American Art. We believe in providing a healthy, longer lasting alternative to typical fundraisers!

You can STILL Make Money with Shades of Color during these times. Go Digital! Share A 2023 Spring Order Taker Only Catalog with your customers (with our information taken off the cover).

Go Live! on your favorite social media platforms. Share product photos and videos.  Share YOUR story about why you are raising money and why YOU connect with Shades of Color’s inspirational product line!

Host a Shades of Color Fundraising Party with a Purpose – either socially distanced or online! Order a Sample Starter Kit complete with all you need to host your live or virtual party. Invite your friends for a fun shopping experience that helps YOU reach your financial goals!

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Begin with a catalog or purchase a Sample Starter Kit in our Fundraising Tools.

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