Oceana Foldable Canvas Shopping Bags


Oceana Foldable Canvas Shopping Bags


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Oceana Foldable Canvas Shopping Bags Are Here For Your Reusable Grocery Needs!

Meet our lightweight African American canvas bags excellent for every day use. This latest in multifunctional shopping bags is perfect for grocery shopping, travel, the beach, park, outdoor camping, etc. Wear comfortably over the shoulder; easy to carry, they are comfortable even when carrying heavy items. Uplifting black art designed to inspire!

This black shopping bag easily folds into its own pocket, to make it easy to carry and store when not in use.

Be eco-friendly and contribute to saving the planet by not choosing paper or plastic bags.  It’s our duty to protect the environment! Reduce the use for plastic and paper bags. Our cotton canvas grocery shopping bags are a fantastic replacement! Go green in a colorful and meaningful way. Let your bag inspire as you shop and tote around with your fabulous self!

In addition to shopping, they make wonderful office bags for teachers, nurses, books, trade show and conference bags.

Our African American Reusable Grocery Bags are an eco-friendly, washable, folding tote bag that fit in a clever pocket.

  • Large capacity with inside pocket
  • Easily folds into pocket for compact storage
  • Washable & durable
  • Reusable & eco-friendly


The Oceana Foldable Canvas Shopping Bags are 17.25 x 18.5 • Folded size 6.5 x 6.5


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Weight .3 lbs