It’s A Day Of Love: Get Your Sparkle On… February 14, 2019 – Posted in: Be Inspired

It’s A Day Of Love: Get Your Sparkle On…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Loves… ‘Gal-entine’s‘ Day is what we like to call it around here.  In our world we thrive on UPLIFTING and INSPIRING our sisters and brothers.  We don’t think about chocolates and flowers today.  There is no need for reservations. Today is about loving ourselves, loving our people, and celebrating all that is good that we L.O.V.E. in our lives.

Do not, I repeat do not, let your light be dimmed today, or any other day, by letting your own personal “have’s and have not’s” get in your mindset.  You are full of love.  You are worthy of love.  You radiate love.  You, my sister (and brother!) have a gift of love that sparkles and shines in every smile.  It sparkles and shines in every gesture. It sparkles and shines way deep in your eyes, and as long as you take time for appreciation of God’s gifts and self-love, YOU, will always walk in the light!!

So promise me this, you WILL send YOURSELF some L.O.V.E today:

  • Place a self-loving affirmation today on your computer or in your car.
  • Take yourself for a brief walk, breathe in deep breaths of air.
  • Write down a fond memory, no matter how long ago.


Stay blessed… and Get Your Sparkle On!!


~J. Robinson


(Art by Kiwi McDowell – See Magnet)