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Everyone should do a road trip at least once in their lifetime. I enjoy it so much I do one as often as I can. Whether you go with a spouse, best friend, girlfriend, family or your children – you must try it! We decided some years back to just do that.

Our drive started out on a Thursday night for a two week vacation. The destination was somewhere in Arizona. We started in Los Angeles and headed toward Las Vegas with no special destination in mind or plan. We just wanted to see what we would come across and what new ventures we could encounter.

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Our first stop was in Las Vegas where we looked at the Bonnie and Clyde car that was on display. We drove to Lake Havasu City to visit The London Bridge Park and settled there for the day. Stayed in one of the local hotels, had breakfast, and started back out the next morning. We headed out towards the Grand Canyon National Park and decided to stay in one of their cabins. The cabin was so cozy and the view of the mountains and trees was so clear and beautiful. Peaceful and breathtaking!

Get Your Kicks On Route 66!

We then drove on until we got to Phoenix, AZ where we stopped at one of the Indian Reservations. We thought we would be adventurous and tried their Indian bread. (It tasted very good, so good we took some to go). I purchased a few gift items including a beautiful straw hand-woven plate and a large shallow bowl. I love to buy souvenirs that I can actually use later on that bring me back to where I bought them.

We saw Jacob’s ladder and Jesse James’ cave, which is said to have been where he hid his stolen bank robbery money, yet it was never found.Our next stop was to see the Montezuma Castle National Monument (ancient history ruins). We saw some of the Indian caves (homes) built into the mountains, where they actually lived at one time. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it!

We had so much fun venturing down so many side roads, even if sometimes we didn’t know where the roads would take us. We visited other places like Mesa, Prescott, Scottsdale and Apache County. It was educational and exciting, and a vacation that I will never forget.

Lastly we stopped in some of the wine country areas and sampled some of the wine, cheese, crackers and fruits. Tasting foods and wines in different areas and around other states gives you varied selections of wines and foods to add to your collections.

We saw different cities in Arizona then headed toward home stopping in Yuma, AZ. I took a lesson in cross stitching at one of the local Cross Stitch stores. It’s a hobby that I still do today.

Heading into the home stretch we found this jewel of a small town called “Julian” (located in California – San Diego County). They are famous for their apple pies. When we arrived there we found a wonderful surprise – snow! Yes, it was snowing. I have seen snow on several different trips but always in the mountains. It was so nice we ended up staying the night. In fact, since then we have returned often. Such a perfect get away!

That road trip stays in my heart and mind to this day. I still enjoy so many of the gifts and the rewards of my artwork from learning to cross stitch. I have a gallery of cross stitch pictures displayed on my walls today. And to think it all started in a little town called Yuma.

I am always waiting for the next road trip and hope you will do one someday too. This experience ignited a new passion that I continued for years.

– Written by Christine Parker

(Editor: Janine Kai)

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