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Home Cookin’ !

I started cooking by helping my grandmother, mother and aunties as a young girl. We all lived on the same property, but different housing. The “front,” or the “big house” as we called it, was where we would come together for everything until it was time to go to bed. I loved those days. They were not always happy or fun, but they are still good days to remember.   All of us, my sisters…

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The Trips That Last A Lifetime

Shades of Color Reloaded Blog | African American Gifts   Everyone should do a road trip at least once in their lifetime. I enjoy it so much I do one as often as I can. Whether you go with a spouse, best friend, girlfriend, family or your children – you must try it! We decided some years back to just do that. Our drive started out on a Thursday night for a two week vacation. The…

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