When It’s Cold Outside, Bring Some Sunshine Inside January 25, 2019 – Posted in: Be Inspired

The end of January tends to be when the pangs of winter really kick in. It’s cold. The blizzards and rain storms have started. The cuteness of Christmas and New Year’s Eve are far in the rear view. Your nose is cold and your toes are wet.  You’re already done and you have at least until March to go…

Don’t let the winter blues get you down yet.  Part of the magic of the holiday season was engaging with family and friends, eating yummy food and tapping into your inner creativity to spread some cheer. Who says that needs to end when the calendar flips to a new year??

Indulge in a few of these ideas to bring some SUNSHINE INSIDE no matter what Mother Nature may be doing outside!!

  1. Keep It Moving – Exercise is extremely important during the winter months. If it’s not too cold outside go for a walk as often as possible.  Even short walks can do a world of good to keep your heart rate going, your body moving, and the fresh air coming.  When it’s too cold outside there are a myriad of exercises that can be done inside. Walk the stairs. Do some squats. Look up some easy ab and glute exercises that can be done in your own home. Invest in a workout or Zumba video.  Look them up online for free. No excuses! (Don’t forget to stay hydrated with our Stainless Steel Bottles)
  2. Rent It, Watch It – Make the chilly weekends the perfect time to watch movies. Rent from the library, purchase at a Redbox, stream or go through your existing collection of oldies but goodies.  Remember when you saved that movie on your DVR but never had time to watch it? Now is the time! If you have kids show them some of your old favorites. Make a “book report” activity out of it where they have to enact their favorite scenes at the end. It’s always a win to create an engaging activity where the kids (and adults) have to think a little too!
  3. Rent It. Read It – Renting books seems a little old school, but libraries do actually still exist!  Go peruse at your local library, and if you have kids this is a special treat that reminds them how special books can be. Find the best seller list or look up autobiographies from your favorite celebrities. Download an audio book and curl up with a hot cup of something. Let your mind be carried to far lands — while your body stays cozy and safe!
  4. Enjoy The Nooks And Crannies  – Your home is your castle. Find a place that makes you happy and get lost. Maybe you take a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and sit outside on your front porch (if it’s not too cold).  Or snuggle up on your favorite chair or couch inside.  Create a day bed of pillows on the floor.  If nothing else – clean up your bedroom and give it an extra spa feel with aromatherapy, candles or music.  Cabin fever doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Ever been to a kickin’ cabin??
  5. Become Your Own Top Chef  – Being trapped indoors is a great excuse to put on your chef hat. There’s no hell in this kitchen… no threat of being chopped! Just you and your taste buds and your desire to create dishes at home that bring you as much joy if not more than going out.  Google (or ask Alexa) some recipes that you have always wanted to try. Remember all those recipe videos you have been saving on Facebook?  That “Must Try” board on Pinterest?  Now is the time, my friend.  You may never eat out again…
  6. Be Your Own Fixer Upper – How many of us sit on the couch and watch home improvement shows, only to turn off the TV to look at our own pigsty?  Well no more! Take this wintry day and make it the first day of your organized life! One word: De-Clutter!!  Purge all the papers, all the nick nacks… if you didn’t know you had it, you probably don’t need it! With your new found space create a better storage system that will bring you greater piece of mind.  Now maybe you can buy that statue or figurine you always wanted but didn’t have space for. Get a few artistic pillow cushions. Frame some art. It’s your space – own it!
  7. Let Calgon Take You Away – On the idea of a spa… why not escape in your own, personal spa when the skies are grey? Draw up a steamy bath with oils, bubbles, bath bombs – whatever aroma therapy you please.  Add a few candles or battery operated “candles” if you feel more comfortable. Music – definitely add some soothing tunes or natural sounds to aid in your escape. You deserve a little indoor pampering — and much needed me time!
  8. Feed Your Inner Hobby Desires  – This is the best time ever to work on those hobbies/projects you never have time for. Write. Work on a business plan. Paint. Draw. Sew. Make jewelry. Make candles. Work on a vision board. Head out on a photo expedition to take pictures of the winter landscape.  Utilize this time to do something special for your soul! (Organize your writing or activities in our Journals)
  9. Create Your Creativity  – We all have creativity within us, some of us just have to dig a little deeper to find it. If you have kids, or invite some kids over on a wintry day, the power of being  creative is imperative. Using tools around your house is the best way to teach kids how to be resourceful and that “fun” doesn’t have to come from a store. This article had some great ideas like how to make a Cardboard Polar Bear or Foam Cup Snow Men!





~ J. Robinson